Messiah Died For High School Line Judge’s Sins?

Monday Cleveland-Glenville High School defeated Dwyer (FL) High School in the Kirk Herbstreit Classic at Ohio Stadium in Columbus.

Ted Ginn, Sr., talks to his team after beating Dwyer video

The game was marred by a controversial conclusion that saw what appeared to be a last-second, game-winning Dwyer touchdown go for naught. Instead, Glenville claimed a 26-22 victory in front of a national television audience.

Dwyer Glenville Goal Line Replay Stills

In the aftermath of the game, Dwyer receiving star Nick O’Leary, the grandson of Jack Nicklaus, made an obscene gesture from the Dwyer bench that was aired on the telecast and ultimately led to his suspension by the Florida High School Athletic Association.

Dwyer Glenville Goal Line Replay Stills

The FHSAA ruling, which prevents O’Leary from suiting up for the Panthers next two games, is currently under appeal.

Today I was sent some locker room video of Glenville Coach Ted Ginn, Sr., talking to his players after their dramatic yet perplexing triumph. Video and transcript of his comments are below.
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Source: Herbstreit Lobbies FHSAA For O’Leary

Matt Porter of the PALM BEACH POST reports Dwyer (Palm Beach, FL) high school tight end and grandson of Jack Nicklaus, Nick O’Leary, has been suspended for two games by the Florida High School Athletic Association for an obscene gesture during a game last Monday.

Kirk Herbstreit and Nick O'Leary

O’Leary, who is of the country’s top high school football prospects, made an obscene gesture in the direction of the field during Dwyer’s nationally-televised, controversial 26-22 loss to Cleveland-Glenville in the Kirk Herbstreit National Kickoff Classic at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

The FHSAA rulebook states: Penalty for Students. Students who are found to have committed unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletic competition for a penalty period up to one calendar year.

In a letter to Dwyer Athletic Director Tom Pagley announcing the suspension, Dr. Peggy Jones of the FSHAA also wrote, “I am sure he regrets his action and this is unfortunate for Dwyer High School as this was on national TV, but there needs to be a consequence for his action.

Dwyer is appealing the decision, with Pagley confirming that the school is attempting to get the suspension reduced to one game. Earlier, Dwyer head coach Jack Daniels had threatened to forfeit the Panthers’ next two games, but Pagley has since ruled out that possibility.

Meanwhile, a source close to Herbstreit told me today that the ABC/ESPN college football analyst called the FHSAA this morning to lobby on O’Leary’s behalf and that he felt “awful” about the suspension.

Before the suspension was announced, Herbstreit defended O’Leary’s emotional sideline reaction on Miami radio station WQAM-AM: Read more…

Grandson Of Jack Nicklaus Is An Obscene Baller

Monday the nationally-televised Kirk Herbstreit High School Football Series gave most of us our first glimpse at Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) High School football player Nick O’Leary. O’Leary, who is the grandson of Jack Nicklaus, is the top-rated high school tight end prospect in the country and lived up to that billing today against Cleveland’s Glenville High School at Ohio Stadium in Columbus.

Nick O'Leary

(Nicklaus grandson Nick responds to getting Jacked by refs today)

O’Leary had nine catches for 152 yards and a touchdown in the game, including some key grabs in a final drive that might’ve ended in a Dwyer victory if not for a botch job by officials. From video replay, Dwyer players appeared to be in the Glenville end zone on three different occasions:

Dwyer Glenville Goal Line Replay Stills

Instead, Glenville was awarded a 26-22 victory. A somewhat perplexing result to a remarkably entertaining game.

Dwyer Glenville Goal Line Replay Stills

So will O’Leary be attending the Ohio State alma mater of Grandpa?
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