Buy Good Seats, Take A NJ Net Home For A Day

Yes, now you too can bring home Devon Harris here, or any of the New Jersey Nets, for your child’s birthday party or Bar Mitzvah. All one has to do is fork over $25,000 for four of the team’s best courtside seats for 10 games, and the Net of your choice can be yours.

Devon Harris at birthday party

Hey, it’s a tough economy, and the team is doing what it can to move tickets. But you heard it right: Pay the 25 grand, and that includes seats, parking, access to a private lounge at the Izod Center, free food and beverage, and a NJ Net at your office Christmas party. Wait … Yi Jianlian is my Secret Santa? Read more…

Buy NJ Nets Tickets, Get A Dwyane Wade Jersey

The longer this whole recession thing sticks around, the more it’s going to affect our delicious, precious sports. Teams are already wringing their hands about slow ticket sales and sponsorship problems. Surprisingly (SARCASM), the inflated ticket prices and payrolls that skyrocketed over the past 10-15 years might not be sustainable over the long haul.

Nets crowd

(No need to hurry, really.)

One team in particular, the New Jersey Nets, is having a wee bit o’ trouble putting butts in the seats at inflated prices in a crappy arena to see a terrible basketball team. But they’ve…got….a…plan: Jersey giveaways! No big deal, even if you can’t name a single stiff on the team these days (other than Devin Harris), because they’re possibly the first team ever to give away opposing team’s jerseys.

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