Stadium Flyover Video: The Lowest Of The Low?

Last month four Air Force pilots were reprimanded and punished after they flew T-38 fighter jets too low over Kinnick Stadium before the Iowa-Ohio State football game November 11, 2010.

On March 23, 2011, B.A. Morelli of the reported:

According to the investigation, the highest elevation of the stadium is at the northwest corner of the press box, which is 160 feet above ground level. Cedar Rapids Approach Control verified that the aircraft cleared the scoreboard, which is 118 feet above ground level by 58 feet and were 16 feet above the press box, which put them at 176 feet above ground level. That is well below the minimum 1,000 foot standard.

An Air Force press release reprimanding the pilots noted they were “flying over a congested area below 1,000 feet above ground level above the highest obstacle within 2,000 feet of the aircraft on Nov. 20, 2010.

If you thought 176 feet was about as low as a fighter jet could go over a major football stadium located in the heart of a congested residential area, you haven’t seen the Navy F-18 fly-by that preceded the Navy-TCU game at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium on Sept. 30, 2000.