Ex-NHLer Who Planned To Kill Agent Up For Parole

In 2004, former St. Louis Blues & New Jersey Devils player Mike Danton was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison for trying to arrange a murder-for-hire plot. The intended target was Danton’s agent and former youth hockey coach David Frost, a not-so-pleasant person who would mentally & physically abuse players and force them into underage sex orgies. (Even better, Frost got away with it - the Canadian courts found him not guilty of the sex charges.)

Mike Danton David Frost

(Danton [L]; Frost [R])

But ever since Danton was incarcerated in a Minnesota corrections facility, he’s been petitioning to be transferred to a prison in his native Canada. Over four years later, Mike was finally given his wish, and sent to Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario. And now that Danton is back under the wing of Canadian law, he’s now eligible for full parole.

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