Pac-10 Turns Gun On Self With Football Cutbacks

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports today that the Pac-10 has a proposal in front of the NCAA that would ban college football teams from staying in hotels the night before home games. The hotel @ home thing is regular practice among high profile programs, and has been for years.

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(Crappy college sports aren’t a right, but a college football-fueled privilege)

If I have to explain to you why USC, Ohio State or LSU would want their players in a hotel before a home game, you might as well stop reading this post. Or, apply for a job at the Pac-10.

The Pac-10 proposal cites cost control and also claims the change would help integrate athletes more fully with the student body.

So let me get this straight: The Pac-10 is saying that USC’s football team, which generates millions in revenue and priceless P.R. for the school and conference shouldn’t be allowed to spend $50K to keep its athletes off-campus the night before a home game? The same USC football team that pays for the school’s entire money-losing athletic program?

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