Reggie Bush Reality Show This Time Actually Real

Reggie Bush in 2006: “When this is all said and done, everybody will see at the end of the day that we’ve done nothing, absolutely nothing wrong.”

Reggie Bush in 2006: He did nothing wrong

So Bush is either a liar or an idiot. Read more…

ESPN: USC Will Receive NCAA Findings Tomorrow

Citing an unnamed source, Dana O’Neil of reports today that the NCAA committee on infractions will release its findings from its four-year investigation of the USC football program and basketball programs on Friday.

Colin Cowherd

Interestingly though, another ESPN on-air personality today announced to a national audience that the school will be informed of the findings well before the public.

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Prescient Reggie Bush Never Cheats His Tweeps

As the NCAA prepares to release its investigative report on the USC football program, Reggie Bush apparently was kind enough last weekend to keep us entertained in the meantime:

Reggie Bush Tweet On World Cup Players Not Getting Paid

(Had to be a hack … right?)

Did you know that soccer players who participate in the world cup do not get paid! Just found that out… Read more…

Reggie Bush Hush Money Too Late To Save USC?

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports today that Reggie Bush recently wrote a hush money check to the man who reportedly helped him and USC break NCAA rules, sports marketing financier Lloyd Lake.

Reggie Bush Hush Money Too Late To Save His Heisman

(Bush response to his reported cheating? Vewy vewy quiet)

Bush previously used the pseudo lawsuit from Lake as a mechanism to avoid having to ever face NCAA questioning about the reported illegal benefits he was provided by Lake and Michael Michaels while he was winning the Heisman Trophy and BCS Championship with the Trojans.

It was the lawsuit by Lake that Bush cited in February when refusing to defend himself and USC against cheating charges. So the guy whose reported illegal actions may well bring down the USC football program manipulated the legal system to hide from the NCAA. If only Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin, Mike Garrett and others had been such gifted litigants!

So does this mean that Bush hiding from the NCAA will cause USC to get off lighter when sanctions come down next month?

On the contrary. Read more…