Florida State Bucks Ohio State With 37-6 Bashing

The regional round of the NCAA baseball tournament isn’t normally an event that would warrant two posts in a day from a general-interest sports blog like SPORTSbyBROOKS. But then again, most regional weekends don’t feature the longest baseball game in NCAA history. Anyone that assumed that was the pinnacle of the weekend’s baseball hyperbole, though, was sorely mistaken.

Florida State Baseball

Only two days after losing 24-8 to the Georgia Bulldogs, the Ohio State Buckeyes were thumped 37-6 by Florida State in a battle of two schools consistently embarrassed by the Florida Gators in football. That’s not the worst loss in NCAA history, but it’s pretty shocking in a tournament game between two major universities and a scene reminiscent of classic cartoon “Baseball Bugs“. How could Ohio State have gotten so destroyed? Chances are, it was only partially about the players on the field.

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