Cowboys Scout Left Paralyzed From Tent Collapse

• The collapse of the Dallas Cowboys’ practice tent has caused scouting assistant Rich Behm (inset) to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Rich Behm Cowboys practice tent collapse

• The family of b-ball recruit Renardo Sidney were expecting to be paid big bucks for steering their star son toward USC.

• Rehab or TV reunion? Which one do you think Dennis Rodman chose?

• The banishment of TCU student reporter Brian Smith from Mountain West TV was actually the work of Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson.

• The best thing about being named NBA MVP? Getting a brand new Kia! LeBron James must be thrilled.

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LeBron James To Win MVP, And a Brand New Kia?

According to the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, LeBron James is going to be handed the NBA’s MVP trophy this afternoon, his reward for a season so dominant the Cavs ran away with the league’s best record, despite being a two-man show. In fact, he won the award so easily that James picked the venue to receive the award himself, choosing his high school gym at Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary’s to have the trophy handed over to him.

lebron james car

(Yes, that’s LeBron, but that’s not a Kia. And it probably wasn’t free, either.)

But buried in the story about LeBron’s dominance is this graph from PLAIN DEALER writer Brian Windhorst:

All his Cavs teammates are expected to be there as well as representatives from Kia, which will give him a new car as part of the honor.

Wait a minute, Kia gives MVPs a free car? Is there any chance that an NBA MVP will actually drive a Kia? Any chance? How big a waste is that!

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