NBAer: 90 MPH In 35 Zone With Beltless 3 Year Old reports today that NBA player Jason Richardson has been charged with reckless driving and endangerment after he was popped for speeding Sunday night in Phoenix.

Sgt. Mark Clark said the officer followed Richardson onto 64th Street, where Richardson’s car hit speeds up to 90 mph. The speed limit there is 35 mph. The officer pulled Richardson over. The 28-year-old Suns player stopped without incident, identified himeself as a Suns player and admitted to speeding, Clark said.

Jason Richardson

(Lazy eye or impairment? Police say the former)

Richardson’s 3-year-old son was in the back seat of the car. Police said the little boy was not in a child seat, which is required by Arizona law. Clark said Richardson told the officer he had taken his son to dinner and was on his way home. Richardson’s wife met him and officers at the scene of the stop and took her little boy home.

Shocking I know. Can you believe Richardson’s baby mama is actually HIS WIFE?!!! Read more…