It’s Come to This: NASCAR’s Gone Medieval On Us

A gathering of like-minded enthusiasts coalescing from faraway lands and camping out to see gladiators duke it out on a vast battlefield where one wrong twist can send the warrior or his steed to their death: is that a NASCAR race or the Renaissance Faire?  It depends; which one charges an insane amount for tickets?

Aarons 499 crash at Talladega

(Admit it: this pileup would be even more awesome with horses)

One scholar has posited that NASCAR has become the latter-day jousting tournament, taking the place of the sport lost to time once hand-to-hand combat disappeared in favor of gunplay, a la Indiana Jones. Of course, this can logically lead to only one conclusion, disturbing as it may be: Digger is the modern incarnation of Merlin.

Let’s go racin’, forsooth?

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