Despite Reports, Ex-Viking O. Thomas Is Still Alive

The Minnesota Vikings had some sad news to share on Wednesday - former All-Pro safety Orlando Thomas had passed away. Officials from Orlando’s alma mater, the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, had informed the team of Thomas’ passing, so the Vikings put up the story on their official website. Upon learning this information, the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE also put up their own blog post about Orlando’s death.

Yes, it would be very sad news - had Thomas actually passed away.

Orlando Thomas Vikings

(Contrary to the Vikes, Cajuns & Trib, Orlando Thomas is not dead yet. And contrary to this photo, he does not have four arms.)

As Mark Twain was once quoted, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” And now Orlando is free to use that clever quip for himself. However, although he may still be alive, he is not in the best of health.

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Inevitable: Tweeting Athletes To Soon Be Silenced

Well kids, it’s been fun. Like MySpace and Facebook, you will soon see virtually all pro athletes pulling back from their contributions to Twitter.

Lastings Milledge Myspace Page Photos

(Lastings Milledge on Myspace - golden age of sports social networking)

High profile pros with a plethora of endorsements have, of course, never been inclined to genuinely participate in social networking. But the vast underbelly of rank and file pay-for-players have initially been enthusiastic participants in MySpace, Facebook and now Twitter. Though with the numerous public relations debacles wrought by MySpace and Facebook, you can guarantee that coaches and team officials are doing all they can to discourage players from making unsupervised public comments - via Tweets.

Shaq Twitter friend

(Without Twitter, how will we know where Shaq is eating?)

We’ve always known that major sports leagues have been about controlling the message and discouraging players from having interesting public personalities. So social networking sites are nothing short of a complete disaster for said sports enterprises.

Stephanie Rice in cop outfit

(Without Facebook, we would have never seen the sexier, steamier side of Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice.)

It will indeed be a great day for major league teams and leagues when athletes officially shut down their unprompted, online contributions. But almost as big a beneficiary will be ESPN - the friendly, neighborhood, all-power sports media monopoly in your life.

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St. Paul Saints Embrace Twitter In A Very Odd Way

Technology marches on: As you know, the Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco and the Bucks’ Charlie Villanueva have been banned from using Twitter during games, and the T-Wolves’ Kevin Love recently got into trouble for blabbing about team business via Tweeting. The St. Paul Saints independent minor league baseball team doesn’t think that’s fair, and they’re fighting back.

For their game on July 23 at Midway Stadium, the Saints are encouraging all players and coaches to Twitter and update their Facebook pages during the game. This is a revolutionary concept that just may change sports as we know it, or at the very least provide endless entertainment during the next Joe Mikulik tirade. Read more…

Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Met Through MySpace

• How did porn star Jenna Jameson & MMA fighter Tito Ortiz first meet? It was through the modern miracle of MySpace!

Tito Ortiz Jenna Jameson

• The Nuggets sting the Hornets with a record-tying playoff blowout.

Bob Knight would appreciate it if the Dutch media wouldn’t f***ing ask him about the f***ing chair-throwing incident.

• Could you stand yet another day of the NFL Draft - in primetime, even?

Al Roker & Donald Trump have thrown some of the most fabulously futile first pitches at Fenway.

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MySpace: Bringing MMAers & Porn Stars Together

When it comes to sports power couples, it’s hard to top Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson. The MMA mauler & prolific porn star have been together for the past four years, a long time for any couple constantly caught in the public eye. And Tito & Jenna recently celebrated the birth of twin boys.

Jenna Jameson Tito Ortiz

So how did these two actually meet? Did Jenna take in one of Tito’s UFC matches? Did Tito visit the set of one of Jenna’s cinematic masterpieces?

Come on, this is the 21st century. To find love & romance, people are turning to online technology. And what better way to meet that certain special someone than through the magic of MySpace?

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Fake Facebook Accounts Fooling NFL Prospects

Don’t believe anything about that hottie who just tried to friend you on Facebook. I’ve watched enough sensationalist TV to know it could really be Chris Hansen on the other end. Or, even worse, Scott Pioli.

Fake Facebook Profile

(”It’s a trap!”)

YAHOO SPORTS, which is pretty much leaving CBSSPORTS.COM in the dust these days, talked to a source in NFL personnel who confirmed that it’s actually pretty common for teams to create fake accounts to get access to potential draft picks’ personal lives. Thorny legal issues aside, this isn’t a bad idea. It’s not as if Facebook hasn’t gotten athletes in trouble before.

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