Claim: Piazza’s ‘Backne’ Followed Steroid Testing

When I read the headline in the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER “Chass Speculates on Piazza Rumors,” I naturally assumed it would be about…you know…those rumors. But it turns out that the former NEW YORK TIMES writer and Baseball Hall of Famer/old crank Murray Chass had something less prurient but miles more disgusting on his mind when writing for his blog than Mike Piazza’s sexual orientation: he spent more than 1,000 words ruminating on Piazza’s acne-covered back.

Mike Piazza

Or at least what used to be his acne-covered back, because Chass claims that once steroid testing started in 2004, Piazza’s “backne” mysteriously cleared up. Not that Chass was spending a lot of time inspecting the bare backs of baseball players in the clubhouse. The bare, chiselled, glistening with sweat backs of players…where was I?

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