Jayhawks Superfan Claims KU Gave Him The Boot

One of the greatest unique cultural institutions in our great nation is that of the traditional college town. America, in all its glory, is the only nation on Earth that felt the need to construct hundreds of cities that solely exist as monuments to the avoidance of responsibility and acceptance of binge drinking - and let’s face it, that’s pretty much what undergrad is for. On top of the students, college towns are full of bizarro characters who never got the message that the binge drinking and responsibility-avoiding is supposed to end at some point.

White Owl KU

One notable example of this sort of character is the man residing in Lawrence, Kansas who calls himself “White Owl.” You may remember him from the Kansas Jayhawks’ breakout 2007 football season, during which the crazy old coot got more camera time (if not space) than Mark Mangino. White Owl turned the camera time into a sort of lasting fame in Lawrence. He was briefly engaged to a KU student and made money off his notoriety in a variety of odd ways. But now, his happy relationship with the Jayhawks might be coming to an end as he claims he’s been banned from KU’s campus for the summer and beyond.

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