Cal Ripken Jr. Needs Space For His Deep Thoughts

If you’re Cal Ripken Jr., motivational speaker, you don’t just hop from your limo right onto the stage and start blabbing about your 2,632 consecutive game playing streak. Like the great thinkers of our age, you need time to organize your thoughts.

This story is somewhat old, but amusing nonetheless: Ripken apparently has a clause in his corporate speaking contracts that require that he be provided with a private room, and a hour of “meditation time” before he’s scheduled to speak. Read more…

Phelps Booted From Motivational Speaking Gig

After being suspended from swimming for a few months, Michael Phelps probably figured, no big deal, at least I’ve got the public speaking circuit to occupy my time. Well not anymore. A mere three weeks after SbB brought it up, The Power Within realized that perhaps someone in the news for smoking weed may not qualified to motivate people.

Michael Phelps motivational speaker?

I’m not sure I buy their logic, because I’ve seen stoned people go to great lengths to find an open Taco Bell at 4 am, and if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. So now Phelps has nothing to do until his first swim meet in May, and that’s asking for trouble. Because when you’re bored, what else is there to do other than hang around at a friend’s house and smoke pot?

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