Michael Vick Blames Others For That Thing He Did

Even though he spent 18 months in federal prison and two seasons out of the NFL, Michael Vick still has a chance to once again become an actual, legitimate NFL football player. It’s a lot more than most convicted felons can say about their pre-crime careers, but the NFL is truly a meritocracy; if Vick can perform, someone will be willing to pay him handsomely to do so.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could have banned Vick for life and the majority of NFL fans might’ve have been fine with that. Instead, he granted Vick a second chance; all he has to do is stay out of trouble for the first half-ish of the season, “show genuine remorse,” accept responsibility for his actions, and he could be back on the field, in the money. And yet, that appears to be too much for Vick to handle. How stupid is this guy?

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