Stanford $$$ Flushed Down Coach’s $70K Toilet?

• While Stanford suffers through athletic budget problems, football coach Jim Harbaugh gets himself a new $70,000 private bathroom & shower.

Jim Harbaugh golden toilet

• The SEC is certainly a selfless b-ball conference. When the players aren’t giving up scholarships to allow other people onto the team, their coaches are giving up raises so they can afford team trips to Australia.

• UConn is taking the first steps to curtail catastrophic cheerleader injuries.

• Schools aren’t sold on Bud Light’s plans for college-colored Fan Cans.

• Are fantasy sports a nightmare for relationships & fan allegiances?

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The Cronkite You Never Knew: Race Car Driver

With the world mourning the death of the “most respected man in America,” Walter Cronkite, most media outlets have focused on his contributions to the nation, its politics, and even the media itself. There’s no denying the impact of the indelible images of Cronkite telling the nation about man walking on the moon or JFK’s assassination; they are forever burned in the consciousness of America.

Walter Cronkite Race Driver Volvo PV444

And while Cronkite is most definitely more than worthy of emulation as a newsman and statesman and pillar of integrity in an increasingly cynical world, we’d be happy just following in his steps as an endurance racing driver and lover of motorsports.

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