Isiah Savaged By Fans In Second College Game

I’m pleased to report that though UNC’s fans rolled over for Isiah Thomas in his coaching debut for FIU at Chapel Hill, Howard Beck of the NEW YORK TIMES notes that Monmouth University students did no such thing last night.

Isiah Thomas abused by Monmouth Fans

(Isiah: Vicious, off-color taunts were in “good fun”?!) 

There were chants about Thomas’s sleeping-pill overdose last year, his 2007 sexual harassment trial and his newly exposed rift with Magic Johnson (“Magic hates you!”)

Beck also notes that, “as Thomas left the court, an older fan accosted him and shouted profanities, then was taken away by security.”

Matt Gagne of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports of the fan,

“Through it all, Thomas kept his cool, even as he came off the court following the final buzzer and an adult fan accosted him, repeatedly saying “—- you” nearly a dozen times, according to one eyewitness.

And Gagne with more from the students:

As he walked across the court at the end of halftime, the student body pointed at Thomas in unison and made a one-word chant out of a seven-letter profanity.

In his NYT piece, Beck doesn’t get specific with most of the fan chants, but thanks to the wonderment of Twitter, the reporter did bless us with what was being said about the man who once threw his daughter under the bus to the New York media. Read more…