Curtain Drops on Mike Sherman’s Final, Class Act

In remarks made today at press conference in College Station, Texas, former Texas A&M head football coach Mike Sherman said his family learned of his firing yesterday before he did.

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When asked how he first found out about his ouster, Sherman said:

“I was on a recruiting trip going to a home visit to a great young man who’s going to be a phenomenal player at Texas A&M-I don’t think I can mention his name that this point. Great family. We were about almost in the driveway when I got a call from our athletic director [Bill Byrne] informing me of termination. It was disappointing to a degree because my family had the opportunity to find out before I did because it was released a little sooner than I was told, and that’s disappointing. Because I think we’re better than that.”

When later asked what he told his team after receiving the news of his departure from the school, Sherman said:

“I was disappointed on a couple fronts there, that it had leaked out previous to my own knowledge and my ability to sit down with my family. A football family is totally connected and they’re very defensive. I have five kids and they’re so protective of their dad and what’s said. I can handle anything, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in what’s said usually, because 90 percent of time it’s not true. But they are very protective of their dad and their husband. So I would have liked to have that opportunity, that they didn’t have to experience that on their own. I wish I’d have had an opportunity to tell the team before it was let out, but I didn’t, so we made the most of the situation.”

The news of Sherman’s firing was first leaked to longtime AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATEMAN columnist Kirk Bohls, who broke the news on

Multiple sources familiar with Sherman’s ouster told SbB today that the person who leaked the news to Bohls was not current Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne.

Sources also said the information provided to the Austin-based columnist emanated from someone close to - or a member of - the Texas A&M Board of Regents.

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