Leach, Texas Tech Still Squabbling Over Contract

It woud be pretty hard to argue that Mike Leach has been the most successful football coach in Texas Tech history. Since coming to the school in 2000, Leach has compiled a record of 76-39, and with seven more wins he’ll become the winningest coach in school history. More importantly, his offensive gameplans have helped put the Red Raiders on the national map. So it’s no surprise that he’d like a contract extension at the school, and that the school would want to give him one.

 Mike Leach Texas Tech coach

(”You believe what they’re trying to do to me?“)

Of course, those contract negotiations haven’t been very pretty. Talks between both sides have been going on for over a year, but have recently reached an impasse. Leach and his agents have absolutely no problem with the five years and $12.7 million the school is offering, but there are four little clauses in the deal that are going to keep Leach from signing it anytime soon.

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