UM AD’s Jet In Dallas; Miles Agent Based In Dallas

Following LSU’s Cotton Bowl victory over Texas A&M in Dallas on Friday, Les Miles couldn’t have made more clear, at least under the circumstances, that he was seriously considering a move to the Univ. of Michigan.

Michigan AD Dave Brandon in Dallas

(Michigan AD Brandon has access to Dominos Jet)

Though as Miles left Dallas for Baton Rouge with his team following the game, Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon’s private jet, of which he has access based on an agreement with former employer Dominos Pizza, was spotted arriving at Love Field in Dallas just hours after Miles had departed the city.

According to flight records, Brandon’s jet arrived from Scottsdale around 7pm local time on Saturday. (Brandon has a vacation home in Scottsdale.)

So why would Brandon’s jet be arriving in Dallas just as Miles was departing the Metroplex?

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Univ. of Michigan Official’s Jet Visits Baton Rouge

Earlier today a Lear Jet featuring a University of Michigan-themed paint job was spotted at the Baton Rouge metro airport - just a few miles from LSU’s campus.

Richard Rogel's Michigan Jet in Baton Rouge today

The jet is personally owned by Richard H. Rogel, a wealthy “independent investor” and high-ranking official at the University of Michigan who in 2004 personally donated $22 millon to the school. Rogel is also the former president of the University of Michigan’s Alumni Association and served as Chair of a University of Michigan fundraising initiative that raised over $3 billion.

Along with Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross and Mets Owner Fred Wilpon, Rogel is also a member of the school’s “Director’s Cabinet in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

The plane, with the tail number N929SR, was also spotted in West Virginia last March as former Univ. of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez utilized the jet to visit family.

So why is it significant that Rogel’s private jet made a stopoff in Baton Rouge today?

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