Vick-tory For Eagles? Michael to Return in Week 3

After two years in the joint, a lengthy suspension, and every other bit of trouble that’s nipped at his ankles until he electrocuted them - what, too soon? - it looks like Michael Vick’s path to relevance is clear.

We mentioned earlier today that Vick and Roger Goodell were meeting about his eligibility for the upcoming season; speculation ran to the point that we thought Vick might be ready to rock for the season opener. But as Goodell just announced to Peter King and other, slightly less sycophantic reporters, he decided to grant full reinstatement to Vick for the Eagles’ week 3 game against Kansas City. It’s a substantial step up from the Week 6 ceiling Goodell had earlier set, but perhaps that’s the point; let him think he’s in for a month, and two week’s going to seem downright lenient.

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QB Michael Vick Conditionally Reinstated To NFL

How long does an indefinite suspension last? It sounds like some sort of sports-themed Zen riddle, but it was a question on the minds of many football fans regarding the suspension of noted animal lover and one-time NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

Since Vick was released from federal custody earlier this month, many sportswriters have speculated on the timeline for Vick’s return to the NFL. Whereas once it seemed like a long shot that an NFL team would even entertain the notion of employing Vick, now it seems like almost an inevitably that someone will give him a shot. This afternoon, Vick came one giant leap closer to an NFL roster after commissioner Roger Goodell finally decided Vick’s fate.

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