WWNDD: School To Follow Own Rules With Floyd?

Yesterday morning the news broke that Michael Floyd, the top returning offensive Notre Dame football player this season, had been arrested for DUI.

Michael Floyd 2nd Offense: Will Notre Dame follow its own rules?

The arrest, from which Notre Dame police cited Floyd for having a blood alcohol level twice over the legal limit, was his second alcohol-related arrest in 14 months. Last January the ND wide receiver was arrested and charged with underage drinking by Minneapolis police.

On Oct. 15, 2008, Brian Hamilton of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reported of a Notre Dame football player, Will Yeatman, in a similar circumstance:

Yeatman, a junior tight end for the Irish, has been suspended from all football activities for the fall semester after a Sept. 21 arrest at an off-campus party, his father confirmed to the Tribune early Wednesday.

It was Yeatman’s second arrest this year, following a January operating under the influence arrest.

Yeatman entered a plea agreement in February following that first incident.

Prosecutors announced earlier this month that they found Yeatman to be in violation of that agreement, for which he was charged with the misdemeanor of minor consuming.

The ruling by Notre Dame on Yeatman’s case was an easy one, considering the schools specific rules regarding alcohol-related arrests.

Page 111 of the Notre Dame student handbook - as outlined by the school’s Office of Residence Life - states:

All students are required to comply with applicable laws and University regulations regarding the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

a. .. Students may be subject to disciplinary action for underage consumption, possession or transportation of alcoholic beverages, possession of false identification which misrepresents their age or identity, or for providing alcoholic beverages to any person who is underage.

Page 114 of the Notre Dame student handbook states:

The University prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired. Any person doing so exhibits wanton disregard for the rights and safety of others.

Page 114 of the Notre Dame student handbook also states the penalties for such alcohol-related offenses:

Second offense: If a student is determined to have violated this policy and it is a second offense as described above, the Office of Residence Life and Housing will:

1. Separate the student from the University for at least one academic semester.

On December 2, 2010, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reported:

(former Notre Dame football coach Charlie) Weis criticized the (Notre Dame) office of residence life, saying it’s too strict about enforcing campus rules on football players. Weis called that office “the biggest problem on campus relative to the football program.”

Clearly Weis hasn’t read the Notre Dame student handbook. The “biggest problem on campus relative to the football program” isn’t the Office of Residence Life, but the actual rules governing Notre Dame student behavior. Read more…