SbB’s Current Top 10 Sports Media Market Movers

Behold the rarest of sports media species: People who affect change of the sport(s) they report on:

SbB's Top 10 Sports Media Market Movers

1) Mike Florio: NFL, Well-connected, hardest working man in most popular pro sport. Wait ’til NBC-Comcast sports channel hits.

2) Jay Glazer: NFL, If he was on the beat year-round, would be #1. More connected - and respected - than any reporter in any sport.

3) Buster Olney: MLB, Impeccable journalist with underrated wit. ESPN’s best reporter.

4) Peter King: NFL, Has great information, unparalleled work ethic and keeps his content fun and relatable to readers.

5) Adam Schefter: NFL, See Olney for professionalism. Overexposure by ESPN does him a disservice. Being on every day during the season forces him to manufacture stories that sometimes aren’t there. Also a little too agenda-driven (front office-friendly) with his analysis. Wish ESPN would allow him to pick his spots.

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