F1 Team Accused Of Ordering Driver To Crash

We’ll admit that we haven’t exactly always been kind to NASCAR on this here interblog in the past. Sure, we’ve called it white trash and yes, we’ve mocked its fans. We’ve ridiculed the Stone Age cars and the endless driving in circles. We don’t care for the corporate faux-Americana BS surrounding it or the WWE-style trumped up “personalities” or “feuds.”

F1 crash

(Motoring: You are doing it incorrectly.)

We don’t deny we’ve said all those things in the past, but we’re also willing to give credit where credit is due. One has to admit that NASCAR’s “rubbin’s racin’” style can be - dare we say - exciting at times. And while teams and drivers are often caught using extra millimeters and centimeters to gain an illegal advantage, the subterfuge is part of the sport’s charm. At least they aren’t rigging potentially fatal crashes, using their drivers’ lives as pawns to squeeze a couple more bucks out of the prize purse - like Formula One.

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