LeBron Plays Entourage With Bachelor Mansion

I lived in Miami in 2008 and quickly learned there’s really only two areas you want to live if you’re anywhere near downtown: South Beach or Coconut Grove.

LeBron James Commute

(James’ commute is 15 minutes - with South Beach a postgame bridge away)

Both are centers of activity in more ways than one but Coconut Grove is certainly more family friendly, hence LeBron James putting down stakes in the latter with a recent $9 million manse acquisition.

Lebron James Mansion

(Full rundown of the neighborhood)

James’ tri-level, 12,000 square-foot estate was built in 2010 on a 20,000 square-foot lot. The abode has Biscayne Bay views from every room and boasts a concrete dock which can fit up to two 60-foot yachts.

Lebron James Mansion

(Photo credit: Obeo.com)

The house was originally listed at $12 milllion but James - apparently - snapped it up for $3 million less.

LeBron James Mansion

James sidekick baby mama Savannah Brinson would most likely be delighted with the decision to stay away from South Beach, but since she’s wintering with the kids in Akron(!) I have a feeling Maverick Carter & Co. are all set to reenact Entourage. Read more…

LeBron Says Racism Factor In ‘Decision’ Backlash

LeBron James and his childhood friend and marketing agent Maverick Carter appeared on CNN last night to discuss the aftermath of the method he employed to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat.

LeBron James

In an interview for a piece by CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien, both James and Carter said they thought negative public reaction to how the NBA star left Cleveland was rooted in racism.

Here’s part of the on-camera exchange between O’Brien, James and Carter:

O’BRIEN (on camera): Whose idea was that?

JAMES: It was my idea and the people around me’s idea.

MAVERICK CARTER, CEO, LRMR MARKETING AND BRANDING: The execution could have been a little better and I take some of the blame for that.

O’BRIEN (voice-over): James entered the NBA as an 18-year-old. Two years later, he fired his agents and then put Carter, a 22-year- old college dropout, in charge of his $135 million worth of endorsement deals.

(on camera): How old were you?

CARTER: I was 22.

O’BRIEN: And you are the guy in charge of the most important valuable athlete maybe in the world? Read more…

ESPN Mulls What To Do With Spiked LeBron Story

This morning ESPNLA.com published a fascinating ‘night-in-the-life’ piece on LeBron James by ESPN staff writer Arash Markazi. Markazi was apparently granted full access to James and his entourage last Saturday night in Vegas at Tao nightclub.

LeBron Vegas story spiked

Markazi is a longtime reporter, formerly of Sports Illustrated, charged with writing ESPNLA.com’s “Velvet Rope” blog. He’s a veteran of the Vegas party scene and is the last person on ESPNLA.com’s staff who would set out to author a hit piece on anyone.

So it was stunning to read Markazi’s reporting of the evening’s proceedings. Proceedings in which James and his manager Maverick Carter come off as immature, cliched posers.

Equally stunning was ESPN’s apparent decision to pull the piece from the ESPNLA.com website just hours after it was posted. Though the story was not gone from the ESPN site until after it had been reprinted on several message boards and sports blogs. Read more…

Geffen: No Personal Interest In Owning Clippers

After reading today’s Peter Vecsey NEW YORK POST claim that Donald Sterling is considering handing control of the Clippers ship to David Geffen, I made some calls to some well-connected friends in Hollywood.

David Geffen's Boyfriend Jeremy Lingvall Behind Bid For Clippers

(Geffen’s boyfriend Lingvall behind mogul’s interest in Clips)

From what I’ve since been told, it turns out that Vecsey is at least in the ballpark. The 66-year-old Geffen does have a passing interest in the Clips. But his own personal interest isn’t what’s motivating a potential investment in the NBA franchise.

Read more…