Examiner Believes Mistress “Likely” Killed McNair

• A Tennessee state medical examiner says it’s “likely” that Sahel Kazemi was the one who shot & killed Steve McNair. But the case continues.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

• Phillies flatten Reds with a 22-1 drubbing - the worst in Cincy’s history.

• When it comes to major leaguers on rehab assignments treating their temporary minor league brethren to a fine meal, Manny’s a miser.

• The Tampa Bay Rays are suing a man for selling shirts with a supposed similar starburst logo.

• Prime suspect Mark Becker has plead not guilty in the shooting death of popular Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas.

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Questions Surround Death Of French Tennis Star

So what are we to make of the sudden death of Mathieu Montcourt, the 24-year-old French tennis star who was found dead in the hallway outside of his Paris apartment on Tuesday? The tennis world is still in shock over the sudden demise of the world’s 119th-ranked player, who came up through the junior ranks with world No. 2-ranked Rafael Nadal, and who had just begun a suspension by the Association of Tennis Professionals for gambling on matches.

Mathieu Montcourt

Montcourt had been banned for eight weeks in August of last year for betting on matches — although none of them his own — by the ATP; a sentence that was reduced by two weeks on appeal by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in May. Montcourt was also fined $12,000 after it was found that he gambled sums totaling $192 on 36 games, in 2005. Read more…