‘Stifled Sneeze’ Lands Padres Pitching Star On DL

Bill Center of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports today that San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos has been placed on the disabled list because of “an aborted sneeze that led to pain in Latos’ side.

Mat Latos In Violent Sneezer Tee Shirt

(Should be hanging in his locker in less than 24 hours)


While walking down some steps at Coors Field in Denver last Friday, Mat Latos stifled a sneeze.

How convenient, since the Padres wanted to push back Latos’ next start. Because his time on the disabled list officially started last Friday, Latos will be eligible to pitch July 24 in Pittsburgh.

“If it had to happen at any time, this was a good time,” Latos said. “They wanted to put me on a break here.”

Latos didn’t know exactly what his injury is, although he said it was “against my ribs.”

Now for the real reason Latos is on the DL. Read more…