Leinart’s New Personal Life Coach? Mark Sanchez

I think we’ve found Matt Leinart’s new life coach, Mark Sanchez. Leinart you remember stayed in school at USC through his senior year because he wanted to (apparently) continue to enjoy college life. (Had nothing todo with a stealth shoulder injury, mind you.)

Jennifer Mueller Photos Mark Sanchez Girlfriend USC Sprinter

(Sanchez proves Leinart could’ve co-oped coeds despite leaving SC)

Leinart was rewarded by losing the national title game to Vince Young (amid an SC defense Chock Full o’ Walk-ons.) Not to mention falling off the NFL Draft cliff, which cost him countless millions in guaranteed money.

Matt Leinart Beer Bong With Underage Fat Chick


Sanchez was faced with the same dilemma last Spring and took a different path, much to the delight of USC Coach Pete Carroll.

Mark Sanchez Girlfriend Jennifer Mueller Photos

(Mark Sanchez’s girlfriend, Jennifer Mueller)

The NEW YORK POST this morning reports that Sanchez, in addition to leading the New York Jets to their best start since Wesley Walker was making rats miss in the Shea Stadium commissary, has snagged a scholarship sprinter at USC named Jennifer Mueller.

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