ESPN: Mangino ‘Will Not Return’ As Kansas Coach

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports this afternoon that Kansas football coach Mark Mangino ‘will not return’ as coach next season.

Mark Mangino fired

If Mangino was not fired with cause, the school would owe him the balance of his contract, which is $6.6M. More likely, there was some sort of buyout settlement.

Mark Mangino Lew Perkins

On November 20, I reported that Mangino’s reps were already in talks with University of Kansas officials over a possible buyout. At that time, Kansas assistant football coaches were already calling around to other schools asking about possible job opportunities.

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ESPN: Possible Mangino Replacements Talk To KU

ESPN’s National College Football Reporter, Joe Schad, Tweeted this earlier today:

Joe Schad Tweets Kansas In Talks With Possible Mark Mangino Replacements

Surprisingly, Schad’s revelation hasn’t made the rounds yet in the national media. Friday afternoon I reported that Kansas officials were in talks with reps of Mangino to buy his contract out. If KU was held to the balance of Mangino’s deal, J. Brady McCollough of the KANSAS CITY STAR reported Saturday it would cost the school $6.6M. Read more…

Reps For Mangino, Friedgen Discussing Buyouts

College coaching sources tell me this afternoon that the University of Kansas is in the process of discussing a possible buyout of the contract of football coach Mark Mangino with representatives of the coach. Also, the University of Maryland is meeting with reps of Ralph Friedgen to discuss a possible buyout of his contract. Additionally, Paul Wulff of Washington State is facing the same scenario at this time.

Mark Mangino Ralph Friedgen

Discussions are ongoing, and none of the deals will likely be announced today. Though my source indicates agreements for each of the three could be consumated by the end of the weekend. Read more…