Barret Robbins, Wife Marisa Have Support System

HBO Real Sports recently profiled former Oakland Raider Barret Robbins as he attempts to recover from bi-polar disorder. Robbins is currently living in a halfway house in Houston as he rehabs following a violent confrontation with Miami police that left him nearly dead with two gunshot wounds. (Robbins attacked South Beach police in 2005 when they confronted him as he was breaking into a business.)

Barrett Robbins Wife Marisa Robbins Photos Video Real Sports With Andrea Kremer

(Marisa Robbins, estranged wife of Barret Robbins, with HBO’s Andrea Kremer)

Robbins claims to be doing better, though his football career is obviously over and his marriage is hanging by a thread. His estranged wife Marisa  and his two daughters currently live away from Robbins, in California.

So, why post about this now? Tell you after the jump.

When I saw the video of Mrs. Robbins talking to Andrea Kremer, my jaw dropped.

I hadn’t been able to figure out how to screen shot the vid - until now.

Melissa Lima Wife Of Jose Lima

(Wow, Melissa and Marisa are almost like … nah, that’s too easy)

UPDATE: Emailer notes Marisa’s remarkable resemblance to Melissa Lima, wife of former MLB pitcher Jose Lima.