Joe Paterno’s No Facemask Idea Isn’t So Insane

As the debate over NFL player safety suddenly erupted this week, Joe Paterno made an interesting suggestion on how to stem the problem at his weekly press conference Tuesday.

Marion Motley

(Pro Football Hall of Famer Marion Motley: The Original Badass)

No facemasks.


“I have been saying (it) for 15 years. Then, you would get back to shoulder blocking and shoulder tackling and you wouldn’t have all those heroes out there. Guys (would) have to worry about broken noses, knocked-out teeth, which we would like to prevent, but you don’t get anything for nothing.

“We used to have one single bar; now we have a weapon.”

Most will laugh off the suggestion, but as medical study results of brain injuries become more sophisticated, and eventually, indisputably conclusive, the NFL will eventually be backed into a corner about the future of the sport.

It might not happen this decade, but it will. Eventually.

So what will the league do?

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