Ginobili Endorses Gay Marriage, Mum On Adoption

Last week Argentina became the first South American country to allow gays to enter into a legal marital agreement. After the bill was passed the country’s biggest basketball star, Manu Ginobilli, weighed in on the issue during a visit to the city of Mendoza, Argentina.

Manu Ginobili approves of gay marriage

The MENDOZA SUN reported on the presser last Thursday:

The best Argentine basketball player of all time, arrived around noon to our province to participate in various recreational and business activities. Just set foot Mendoza, Manu gave a press conference in a central hotel, where he treated the crowd and politely answered all questions from reporters.

With regard to the law of marriage between same sex, NBA player was in favor: “I am all for marriage. I think we all have the same rights. Although in reality with regard to adoption do not feel able to give an opinion. ”

He preferred not to comment on gay couples adopting.

Ginobili went into more detail on the adoption issue in a video (below) at the presser: Read more…

Bat Got More Swings Than Thanksgiving With Elin

Thought we’d bagged our bat limit this season after Manu Ginobili’s encounter during a NBA Spurs game two months ago. But Fox 11 in Green Bay has video of a bat getting loose at a major junior hockey game recently in Green Bay.

Bat killed at hockey game by Green Bay players

(Serious need of hand-eye guy like Robitaille)

Unlike Ginobili’s remarkable catch and release, this bat received treatment from the Green Bay players that made Claude Lemieux and Todd Bertuzzi resemble shrinking violets. Read more…