Manny Ramirez Turns Down Dodgers $25 Million

Earlier this morning in the Speed Read Cameron told you about the one-year $25 million offer the Los Angeles Dodgers had made to Manny Ramirez.  They also apparently gave Manny and his agent Scott Boras only 48 hours to make a decision, which was no doubt a tough decision to make.  “Gee, should we take the one-year offer for $25 million the Dodgers have made us, or do we reject that and accept all those imaginary offers we’re making up to try and drive up the price?  This is hard!”

Well apparently it’s not as hard as we thought.  While baseball owners are smart enough to figure out Boras’ game when it comes to these “mystery suitors” Manny  isn’t as sharp.  That can be the only reason he’s turned down the Dodgers offer already.

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