Golf Hall of Famer’s Bigotry: Wait, There’s More!

Earlier today I noted the recent, bigoted comments by World Golf Hall of Famer Carol Mann on a public Facebook page.

Carol Mann Removes Kareem As Friend From Wikipedia Page

Of Muslims, Mann recently wrote on her public Facebook page: “The United States is a Christian country, founded on Christian principles and with an expectation of Christian behavior. Let the Muslims erect their worship centers in other countries that are not Christian. Go away – soon!

Ironic that Mann would advance that agenda considering that her current Wikipedia page, along with a Facebook bio page, notes that, “she was a close friend of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.” (Above is a snapshot of Mann’s Wikipedia page taken by Google on August 18.)

Actually, since the friendship is listed in the past tense and Abdul-Jabbar is among the living, I guess it’s not ironic at all.

From Alan Bastable of Sports Illustrated’s

Personally, I’d be more interested to know what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks. According to Wikipedia, Mann counts the Muslim hoops icon among her closest friends.

Mann’s religious intolerance in her Facebook entry didn’t not extend to overt racism. No, she’d already crossed that bridge with comments to Fox Sports last year.
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Golf Hall of Famer To Muslims: ‘Go Away - Soon!’

The issue of a mosque being built in close proximity to Ground Zero is a passionate subject for many Americans, which is understandable. (I’m one of them.)

LPGA Hall of Fame Carol Mann's Muslim Rant

Personally, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that perhaps a Mosque shouldn’t be built near the Ground Zero site in New York City. But I can see both sides and understand that our country was founded on the principle of religious tolerance. Dissent is healthy and is integral to our way of life in America.

But there’s a big difference between opposing an erection of a mosque in this particular case and being blinded by bigotry.

If you’re somehow fuzzy on what I mean, I suggest you take a peek at LPGA Hall of Famer and former longtime golf TV announcer Carol Mann’s recent, public Facebook entry. Read more…