Reggie Miller’s New Friend May Not Be So Innocent

When we first learned of Reggie Miller’s alleged harassment of (and philandering with) “married women,” we were a little perplexed - he doesn’t seem like the type to do that, if only because we can’t imagine someone that goofy-faced actually talking to women or having a healthy libido. No offense to the man, but he doesn’t exactly look like someone who’s going to steal your girl.

Texts Reggie Miller Ali Kay
(Reggie, you’re scaring us. She, however, is not.)

And so when we hear that Ali Kay, the fiancee in question (yeah, not even married to begin with; whoops) was a willing participant in the whole (sexless) ordeal, well, we can’t be completely shocked. But give Reggie some credit: If the above pictures are any indication, he’s got good taste.

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Reggie Miller Making Moves On Malibu Fiancee?

Reggie Miller has always been a polarizing figure in the NBA. His fans in Indiana adored his scrappy play, merciless sharpshooting, and gregarious off-the-court nature, but he also had many, many detractors who called him a cheapshot artist with a one-dimensional game.  In retirement, he’s been a pretty decent analyst on TNT, even when his mouth’s gotten him into a little trouble.

Reggie Miller Ali Kay

We’d heard all the arguments either way about his play, and read both good and bad reviews about his abilities as an analyst, but we hadn’t heard much about his off-camera life. But if some new allegations posted by HOLLYWOOD STREET KINGS’ turn out to be true, you can add womanizer and stalker to the list of terms used to describe the NBA Hall of Famer.

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