Video: Pini Gershon And The ‘Mocha Face’ Theory

After this weekend’s bizarre sideline tirade where Maccabi Tel Aviv head coach Pini Gershon refused to leave the court after being ejected from a Madison Square Garden exhibition, TRUEHOOP’s Henry Abbott went poking around for more footage. What he found was, well, a little unfortunate.

Pini Gershon Mocha Face Maccabi Tel Aviv
(It kinda went downhill from here.)

There’s Gershon, explaining to the Israeli Defense Forces back in 2000 how to characterize black people and what you can tell from the color of their skin. Is there an inappropriate reference to slavery? Oh, you bet. Is there full video? Two for two. Watch after the break.

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NBA Preseason: Coach Won’t Leave After Ejection

Pini Gershon, coach of Euroleague team Maccabi Tel Aviv, did the impossible today: he got me to mention a Knicks preseason game.

Pini Gershon Refuses To Leave Court At Knick Game

(Love the wink)

After picking up his second technical foul of the game between the clubs this afternoon at MSG, Gershon refused to leave the court. The game was halted when the officials noticed Gershon continuing to “linger near Maccabi’s bench.”

When the replacement refs couldn’t get him to leave, a rabbi entered the scene. Really. Read more…