MLB: Keep Those Pants Up, Or It’s a $1,000 Fine

After turning a blind eye for so many years, Major League Baseball is finally taking a stand and doing something about a horrible blight that’s been a blemish on their sport for much too long. Of course I’m talking about players pulling their pants over their cleats.

Denard Span Alexi Casilla Minnesota Twins

(Denard Span [L] & Alexi Casilla [R] - keep those leg cuffs up, or it’s gonna cost you a cool thousand)

Oh, Denard Span of the Minnesota Twins thought he was so smart, stretching his game slacks over his cleated shoes during a series with Baltimore last season. But Bud Selig & Co. weren’t fooled, and they have a message for Denny - do that again, and we’ll fine you $1,000.

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