MLB, Dodgers Make Bagholders Out Of Tix Buyers

A friend here in L.A. went to a Dodgers-Giants game last weekend, on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. He reported that despite the team’s first-place standing and the rival Giants in town, the ballpark was half-empty.

MannyWood Billboards Ripped Down While Ticket Holders Ripped Off

(Mannywood ripped down, ticketholders ripped off)

One guess why that would be. (Make you wonder how many people ate their tickets instead of watching Juan Pierre hit into infield fly rules all weekend.)

Today, while the Dodgers were busy ripping down MannyWood billboards all over town, Manny Ramirez apologized to his teammates for getting caught by MLB using steroids. (Notice I didn’t say ‘allegedly’.) Yeah, his failed drug test didn’t reveal direct steroid usage, but the drug that was found to be using was the same prescription-only compound that Jose Canseco was caught trying to smuggle across the Mexican border a few months ago. Enough said.

Should MLB, Dodgers refund ticket holders for missed Manny games?

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So we now know that Ramirez has done steroids, along with MLBers Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. And more than 100 others according to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

So why is Ramirez apologizing? On the contrary, shouldn’t Bud Selig and MLB be apologizing to Dodger season ticket holders who shelled out thousands just to see Ramirez, only to have him miss a third of the season for doing something everyone else has and will continue to do? Read more…