StarCraft An NCAA Sport? Nerd Schools Hope So

Aren’t we all a little tired of college basketball? I mean, who really wants to watch games all day this weekend? But with baseball still in spring training, pro basketball not mattering until the playoffs, and hockey being hockey, it looks like we have no other options for our sporting fix. But here come the Nerds Of America to save the day.

StarCraft Gamers

The first interscholastic StarCraft league kicked off last month, and is already off to a rousing start. If you don’t know what Starcraft is - congratulations, you probably had dates in high school. It’s an online multiplayer computer game, the kind you picture with overweight gamers living in their parents’ basement, living off cases of Mountain Dew. But for the experts of the Collegiate StarCraft League, it could be their ticket to fame and fortune. Or a wedgie.

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