Auburn Writer’s Allegations Betrayed By The Truth

Today the Publisher of Auburn Rivals site, Jeffrey Lee, leveled allegations on Mobile radio station WNSP - and the message board of his own site - of possible recruiting impropriety involving a recent signee of another school’s football program.

(Above: Excerpts of Lee’s allegations on WNSP-AM in Mobile)

The allegations concerned extra benefits provided to the player by a person Lee characterized on WNSP-AM this morning as “a guy who is very, very involved with the athletics department” at a rival school. Though Lee was explicit throughout the radio interview in reiterating that the alleged benefactor was not a booster of the school but a “supporter.”Lee on WNSP:

It’s not a booster, it’s not an alumni of [rival school] but it’s a guy who is very, very involved with the athletics department up there. He’s taken [accused recruit] to [school city] several times before.

Allegations are out there that he has made cash payments to [accused recruit’s father].

That’s just one of what was a litany of serious and oft-specific allegations made today by Lee against the rival school “supporter”, who the reporter later called “a big fan, who is extremely involved I guess you could say in [rival school] football.” Read more…