Mets Don’t Appreciate Dwight Gooden’s Graffiti

The Mets have now played six games in their new ballpark, Citi Field, and while it looks like a very nice stadium from what I’ve seen of it on television, Mets fans do have some complaints about the place. No doubt the price of a ticket to attend a game there is one of them, as is the team’s 3-3 record there so far. But a major theme amongst the faithful seems to be the lack of Mets history around the ballpark.

That’s something Dwight Gooden tried to help with when he visited the stadium for its first game. While hanging out in the Ebbets Club and at the suggestion of one of the fans, Doc took out a Sharpie and signed a blank gray area of the wall next to the bar, writing “Doc Gooden 84 R.O.Y., 85 Cy Young, 86 W.S. Champs.” The Mets were not amused.  They didn’t spend $632 million on the place to have players sign the walls.

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