Giant Inflatables, Police Tape And Lindsey Vonn

On March 10 I posted a Lindsey Vonn workout video thanks to a reader’s handy tip. Today I discovered another Vonn workout video that’s much more fun.

Lindsey Vonn Workout

In this one, she still gets a lift from her (very) deep squats while atop an unwieldy object, but she’s also shown straddling a giant inflatable while wrapped in what resembles police tape.

In other words, she was prepping to partner with Dennis Rodman in next season’s Dancing With The Stars.
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Video: Lindsey Vonn Workout Relieves Stiff Joints

Here’s video of Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn working out.

Lindsey Vonn Deep Squat Workout

(Blood flowing into joints always a good thing)

Caution: Deeps squats on something oblong and unwieldy can cause a spill.

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