Lawyer: “Mariotti struck his girlfriend in the face”

More details continue to bleed out about Jay Mariotti’s allegedly violent confrontation with his girlfriend the night of August 21 in Los Angeles.

Jay Mariotti Criminal Complaint

(Official criminal complaint against Mariotti)

As part of a plea bargain on Thursday Mariotti, pleaded no contest - which has the same effect as a guilty plea -to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against his girlfriend in exchange for the L.A. City Attorney dropping six additional charges involving or related to domestic violence. Mariotti was sentenced to community service, three years probation and ordered to take a year-long domestic violence awareness class.

Mariotti was initially arrested on suspicion of felony domestic assault. He was released from jail the morning of August 22 on $50,000 bail.

Following Mariotti’s no contest plea, the attorney for the now-acknowledged victim has come forward with new details of what allegedly happened during the altercation on the night in question.

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports lawyer Leonard Levine said that Mariotti was “both emotional and verbal abuse” to his client. Read more…