Donaghy Reprised? Lebron Has 50 pct Less Fouls!

Zachariah Blott of has a brilliantly executed post this week on how LeBron James seemingly receives more star treatment from NBA officials than even the most cynical fan could’ve ever fathomed.

LeBron James

Through January 22, James played 1702 minutes and committed 77 fouls, good for one foul every 22.1 minutes of court time. Everyone else in the NBA logged 298,868 minutes and committed 26,473 fouls, good for one every 11.3 minutes. Comparatively, James is half as likely to be called for a foul than the other 300-odd players as a whole.

Blott takes great pains to examine and re-examine the astounding statistical aberration to confirm he isn’t misinterpreting data. Example: With the help of a Portland State professor, Blott employs a sophisticated statistics application called a “chi-square test” to analyze James foul numbers. After the “pain in the ass” calculations, Blott concludes:

The likelihood of LeBron’s foul counts occurring with his minutes is less than one in a million.

Blott also samples historical foul records of some of the NBA’s greatest individual seasons to confirm James isn’t merely receiving treatment previously afforded league superstars. Even the best seasons of Magic, Kobe and Michael Jordan cannot compare to the astonishingly low number of fouls called against James this season.

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