Texas Tech’s Termination Letter To Mike Leach

Here is the termination letter sent by Texas Tech President Guy Bailey to football coach Mike Leach today:

Mike Leach Termination Letter

More coverage on Leach’s firing here and here.

Report: Leach, TT Reps Negotiating a Settlement

Joe Schad reports this afternoon on Twitter and ESPN-TV that contract settlement discussions are underway between Texas Tech and reps for Mike Leach. Schad also noted a 10-day “cure period” that Leach’s reps will claim will entitle the coach to an $800,000 “retention bonus” that is contractually due him tomorrow.

Mike Leach Attorney Ted Liggett After Leach Firiing

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Bruce Feldman of ESPN reports that he spoke to Leach earlier today. Feldman said that the coach today, “realized Tech was just looking for a reason to get rid of him and that this is a relationship that couldn’t be salvaged.”

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