Video: Mike Leach Stellar In Game Analyst Debut

Mike Leach debuted as a television analyst for the CBS College Sports Network last Saturday and he absolutely did not disappoint.

Mike Leach college football broadcast debut video

(What’s the odds he owns a logo-less dress shirt?)

Calling the UCF-N.C. State game, Leach brought what you hoped he’d bring: Plain-spoken football analysis and his non sequitur, tangential perspective on the meaning of life.

Youtube user Logan McDonald did a wonderful job recounting Leach’s performance. Some examples (video marks in parentheses):

  • Leach on the UCF offense (6:25): “They’ve had trouble with the N.C. State d-line all day. They need to spread the set out. Once in awhile you wanna get everybody’s butt together so one grenade can kill them all.”
  • Leach waxing on Fourth of July (6:05): “I remember when I was a kid Fourth of July was big for me ’cause in Wyoming you could have fireworks all over the place and we’d literally have wars with our neighbors with them.”
  • On UCF’s timeout situation (3:05): “The timeouts, it’s a little bit like money, you don’t want to die with them and give them to your kids so you might as well use them if you need them.”

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