Leach Denies Cursing Tech Official Before Firing

KCBD-TV in Lubbock reports today:

NewsChannel 11 continues to dig deeper for answers into the firing of Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach.

Kent Hance Accused Mike Leach of cursing him

As reported first at KCBD.com last Thursday, three Regents accused Leach of being “profane and defiant”. NewsChannel 11 has looked into this allegation of profanity and Chancellor Kent Hance would not specifically confirm or deny the quote that NewsChannel 11 heard. Instead, Hance says, “I’d rather not get into that but it was a pretty good cussin’ I received from an employee I was trying to help.”

Mike Leach and his attorney Ted Liggett categorically deny that Leach ever cussed to the Chancellor. Liggett also says Leach never used profanity when dealing with the Texas Tech administration. Liggett goes on to say the Chancellor’s refusal to confirm specific cuss words on the record is proof that it never took place.

Sunday Hance wasn’t so coy, plainly stating that Leach directed “profanely defiant” words at him. Hance describing a meeting with Leach after the coach was called on the carpet for allegedly mistreating Adam James.

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