ESPN Writer: Intentions ‘Should’ve Been Clearer’

ESPN announced today that the story of LeBron James acting the fool in Vegas last Saturday night by ESPN Reporter Arash Markazi will not be reposted.

LeBron Vegas story spiked

The story, which ESPN claimed today was available only via web searches and never available for original viewing at and, was removed from a company web server a few hours after it was published Wednesday morning.

ESPN released statements today from Markazi and Rob King, Vice President & Editor-in-Chief, ESPN Digital Media. Read more…

ESPN Mulls What To Do With Spiked LeBron Story

This morning published a fascinating ‘night-in-the-life’ piece on LeBron James by ESPN staff writer Arash Markazi. Markazi was apparently granted full access to James and his entourage last Saturday night in Vegas at Tao nightclub.

LeBron Vegas story spiked

Markazi is a longtime reporter, formerly of Sports Illustrated, charged with writing’s “Velvet Rope” blog. He’s a veteran of the Vegas party scene and is the last person on’s staff who would set out to author a hit piece on anyone.

So it was stunning to read Markazi’s reporting of the evening’s proceedings. Proceedings in which James and his manager Maverick Carter come off as immature, cliched posers.

Equally stunning was ESPN’s apparent decision to pull the piece from the website just hours after it was posted. Though the story was not gone from the ESPN site until after it had been reprinted on several message boards and sports blogs. Read more…