Photo Captures LeBron Flipping Off Akron Man

I’ve got another pathetic tale involving LeBron James in Vegas last weekend to tell you about - though this time it won’t be spiked by the site hosting it.

LeBron James flips off fan from Akron in Vegas PHOTO

(Bird blurred in video)

Cleveland’s FOX 8 reports today that LeBron James flipped off an Akron man ran into the NBA player at a Vegas nightclub last weekend.

Last weekend, DJ Fig, from Mix 94.1 in Akron, was at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. Early Monday morning, he spotted LBJ and his entourage partying at a nightclub.

As he took out his camera to snap a picture, the deejay said LeBron gave him the finger.

“I said ‘Hey, Akron still loves you man,’ and he gave the bird as you see in the picture,” said DJ Fig.

Apparently DJ Fig is a glutton for punishment, as that wasn’t the end of his requests of James that night. Read more…