In SD Tweeting Manny’s Return & Lasorda’s Porn

I’m in the left field bleachers tonight for Manny’s return in San Diego. Already pregaming with a couple-six Coronas on Mission Beach. You can follow me here on Twitter.

Tommy Lasorda loves his lesbian porn

(Lasorda always forgets to lock his box o’ porn)

I’ll be tweeting throughout the day on Manny and Tommy Lasorda’s legendary lesbian porn collection. (Including pics!)

SbB Manny Returns Simulator

(Thankfully Manny already has been through SbB Comeback Simulator®)

Have seen a ton of Dodger fans down at Gaslamp already.

Hopefully they’ll make bail by batting practice!

Did C-130 Crew Bogart Lasorda’s Lesbian Porn?

Dash has a fun photo today of Tommy Lasorda:

Tommy Lasorda reacts to lack of lesbian porn

Lasorda either needs to start patronizing the Koo Koo Roo menu more often or the pic was snap just as he found out Iraq recently enacted an embargo on all lesbian porn-related products. (I’m guessing the assassination of Saddam’s sons cleared the way for the ban.)